TransAtlantic Creative Inc. was formed in 2005 by Nick David and Gary Foster. The company encompasses a variety of different divisions including media, app development, web hosting, internet related business, podcasts and, most recently, Interior Design. Nick, is originally from London UK and now resident in New York City. He started out in the media industry in the 1990’s as radio host, television presenter and musician. He has expanded the business to include Interior Design working with experienced professionals in the New York Metropolitan area for high profile and celebrity clients. Gary has worked in the media industry since 2001 with companies from Sky News to ITN and many more. He is a talented producer and is used to producing reports for hundreds of radio station throughout the UK and Europe. He is also an experienced web developer who has also branched out into app development where he now focuses most of his time. He is an active member of the MediaWiki and WordPress communities.